LEGO Sets Retiring Soon - Last Chance December 2022 List

These LEGO Sets Will Soon Be Gone Forever!

There are only a few more weeks in the year 2022 and that means the life of some fantastic LEGO sets will be coming to an end... However, It's not all bad news. Some of the most sought after LEGO Sets set to retire by the end of the year might get one last inventory restock.... Maybe. This list was supplied to me by one of my trusted LEGO insiders and I must say, Some of the sets on this list really did surprise me. However, They assured me these sets were listed on their inventory list as retiring.

(UPDATE) There's been quite the discussion on the validity of "retirement list" provided to me in the comments of my video. One user said that this list could very well be retail focused and only effect certain LEGO stores. I agree that this could actually be a possiblity. So take the list with a heed of caution... as a rumor now and not fact.

Below are the LEGO sets that were located on the retirement list for December 2022.

Another little surprise is straight from the Official LEGO page. LEGO is giving us Double VIP days... That's right, not just a weekend but not exactly a whole week either. Starting tonight, December 9th through December 13th, you can qualify for double vip pionts on your full LEGO purchase. Plus, you can stack all those December Promos as well!

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