January 19, 2023 Briq Foundation / LEGO ART / LEGO Ideas / LEGO Mods / LEGO Van Gogh / LEGO Modification

With the successful launch of the LEGO ART theme in 2020, which seemed to address the "I don't have enough shelf space for more LEGO" problem. LEGO is successfully going after your wall space as well. It makes sense that LEGO has continued to launch several ART themed sets the past couple of years and has even spilled into another successful theme, LEGO Ideas. 21333 LEGO Ideas The Starry Night was definitely a departure from the typical LEGO ART form factor by bringing depth and personality.

The LEGO ideas team stayed quite true to the original submission by designer LEGOTruman, which is something LEGO fans have been asking for from the LEGO Ideas team. However, there was one aspect of the design that was added which seemed to clash with the thoughtfullness and creativity of The Starry Night... The frame.

The Starry Night is a beautiful but choatic scene and careful attention needs to be placed on how it's presented. Throwing a thick black frame around it seemed like a lazy attempt for the LEGO Ideas design team to signify they added something to the project. If they took any amount of time to study the meticulous process in how what goes around the art can be just as important as the art itself... They could've of made something truly spectacular like the recently released LEGO ART The Great Wave (31208).

I decided to address this issue by making a few simple modifications to the set itself shown in the video below.

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