LEGO Black Friday Promo Leaks! Eiffel Tower Exclusive 40579 Eiffel's Apartment

November 10, 2022 By BriQ Foundation / LEGO Leaks / LEGO Eiffel Tower 10307 / LEGO News / Black Friday / November Promos

Last night, we got our first look at the largest LEGO set releasing in 2022, LEGO 10307 Eiffel Tower. The overall reaction has been one of amazement. The LEGO designer have made one beautiful building. However, the $680 price tag is hard to swallow. Luckily, LEGO has tried to ease the burdon and enticed fence sitters into purchasing the Eiffel Tower with the exclusive GWP, LEGO 40579 Eiffel's Apartment. Thanks to Promo Bricks, we have our first images of this 228 piece set.

Adding another level of realisim and character, this GWP represents the "secret apartment" of Gustave Eiffel. Although it's referred to as the secret apartment, the public was very much aware of this exclusive space in the tower. LEGO did a great job designing this vignette, from the representation of the wallpaper in sticker form to the miniturized model of the Eiffel tower.

We can also see a telescope perched upon the balcony, a desk with a chair and lamp, and a small cabinet with a flower vase. The set also includes a minifigure of Gustave Eiffel, who is wearing a black tuxedo and bow tie.

Release: 11/25/2022

Set Number: 40579

Piece Count: 228

Minifigures: 1

Promo Qualifications: 10307 Eiffek Tower GWP Exclusive