New LEGO 2023 Modular - Jazz Club/Pizzeria 10312 Leaks

December 11, 2022 Briq Foundation / LEGO Leaks / LEGO 2023 / LEGO News / LEGO Modular 2023 / New LEGO Modular / LEGO 10312


The first image of the new LEGO Modular for 2023, 10312 Jazz club and pizzeria Just leaked. LEGO decided to sandwich the new modular right in between 10270 Bookshop and 10278 Police Station for this particular image. To recap on the specifics of LEGO 10312 Jazz Club, this set will include:

Total Piece Count: 2,899 pieces

Minifigures: 7

Retail Price USD: $229.99

Release Date: January 1st 2023

Taking a closer look at the cropped in image you can actually count the 7 mini figures: we have a cellist, drummer,a singer in a black dress. Next to her we have a tailor holding a pair of scissors and then right behind the lady in blue there is a chef holding a pizza. The last minifigure we see is a gentleman holding a red motorcycle helmet, next to a green vespa.

Let’s take a look at the actual building itself, we have the jazz club to the left and then the tailor and pizzeria to the right. Let’s first take a look at the large, three story jazz club. The first floor is in that sky blue color and then the second and third floors are in the red brick color. Smacked right in the middle, we have that jazz club sign. Right below it we have the announcement banner. I can definitely see this being transformed into a theater.

Rendered image: Not Actual GWP

Now we fully expect there to be a GWP for the jazz club and pizzeria but not on initially release. Very similar to last year, we are expecting the GWP to be released late January/early February. The rumor is this is going to be a pizzeria van (set # 40586).

Given this information, Should you buy day one? My recommendation is to wait till late January to pick up the LEGO 10312 Jazz Club. I fully expect LEGO to officially reveal the 2023 LEGO Modular with the next few days. Most likely, Monday morning.

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