LEGO Has a New 10,000 Piece Monster!

November 8, 2022 By BriQ Foundation / LEGO Leaks / LEGO Eiffel Tower 10307 / LEGO News


First Look at Largest LEGO Eiffel Tower 10307

Today, LEGO might have just reversed their downward trend in their pursuit of producing more massive LEGO sets. However, this reveal wasn't official. Someone decided to take it upon themselves to release an early behind the scenes photo of the next Monster LEGO set. Rumored to be under the code name... Project Iron, this 10,001 pcs, Dark Gray, 1.5 meter tall behemouth (just beating out 10294 Titanic at 1.35 meters) will most likely have it's official reveal within the next couple of days. Possibly as early as tomorrow morning, November 9th.

Even though the Eiffel Tower will most likely be officially revealed within the week, the official release date is still planned to fall on November 25th 2022, Black Friday for a price of $679.99. Luckily, for that price, LEGO will include an exclusive GWP 40579 Eiffel's Apartment which will include a balcony with a tiny telescope for Gustave to peer over his tower.

10307 LEGO Eiffel Tower Leaks Before Black Friday

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